Parental Words to Live By

For my 23rd birthday, my parents bought me a new NIV Thompson Chain Reference Bible which I was really quite excited about as it was THE bible to have at the time.  Being a very sentimental girl I looked forward to the inscription my Mom would write inside the cover. When I opened it and read it, I have to admit, I was a wee bit disappointed in the shortness and directness of the message that was permanently inscribed in ink in my new Bible. If you don't already, you will need to know that My Mom is a no nonsense kind of person, says it like it is and there is never any doubt as to where she stands on any issue that's on the table. The message was short and to the point and it is only in the last few years having actually walked some distance in this sojourn on earth, with it's joys, it's sorrows, it's mountains and valleys that I have most adamantly come to love the pertinent words of wisdom she wrote that day. For these words have become my lifeline. The truth of them have brought conviction, encouragement, wisdom and hope because they have always steered me back to God's word which is the foundation of my life. Knowing the Bible is a means to knowing the Author. Knowing the Author is a means to peace that passes all understanding and joy unspeakable no matter how high the waves rage. My Mom was wise and divinely inspired that day, it was the perfect message to write in my new Bible!