Heather  and Safron are a Canadian singing, song-writing, best friend duo who have been collaborating together for the past 25 years.  What began with Safron’s request to Heather to “help her with a song” has turned into a library of over 100 compositions filled with life experiences drawn from children, spouses, weddings, funerals, family, friends and everything in between. With their own children well on the road to independence, they are now concentrating on sharing their music with you.

The Promise  

A little light can brighten even the darkest room and chase shadows away, a little truth is more valuable than gold in a world where lies and confusion abound.  As the year comes to a close and we celebrate the greatest light and truth ever gifted to mankind, it behooves us to remember who He became for us and who we are in Him. The promise that a little faith is all it takes to live a life full of purpose, light and truth. The promise that we are never alone and that everything He told us, spoke over us, can never be lost to our own shortfalls and inadequacies or taken away by others. He is the bridge between the gaps of our failings and who He promised we are destined to become. The music of our lives, the stories we tell, forged in the seasons we live, the steps we take, the desire to keep trying and believing that we can make a difference, and that the best of the journey, the adventure is still unfolding. As this year comes to a close, with it’s joyous memories, and yes, it’s difficulties, we count our blessings and look ahead to the next season. Always with grateful hearts and a confidence that we’ve got this, because the One who has us, has promised that He would be with us and show us the way through the dark and the bright days equally. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to each one of you, we honour the lives you live, the trials you endure, the laughter and tears, and the memories. All these are the catalysts for the music, the harmonies and melodies of the lives we live and the songs we write, remember His promises never end and never come up empty.  

Parental Words to Live By 

For my 23rd birthday, my parents bought me a new NIV Thompson Chain Reference Bible which I was really quite excited about as it was THE bible to have at the time.  Being a very sentimental girl I looked forward to the inscription my Mom would write inside the cover. When I opened it and read it, I have to admit, I was a wee bit disappointed in the shortness and directness of the message that was permanently inscribed in ink in my new Bible. If you don't already, you will need to know that My Mom is a no nonsense kind of person, says it like it is and there is never any doubt as to where she stands on any issue that's on the table. The message was short and to the point and it is only in the last few years having actually walked some distance in this sojourn on earth, with it's joys, it's sorrows, it's mountains and valleys that I have most adamantly come to love the pertinent words of wisdom she wrote that day. For these words have become my lifeline. The truth of them have brought conviction, encouragement, wisdom and hope because they have always steered me back to God's word which is the foundation of my life. Knowing the Bible is a means to knowing the Author. Knowing the Author is a means to peace that passes all understanding and joy unspeakable no matter how high the waves rage. My Mom was wise and divinely inspired that day, it was the perfect message to write in my new Bible!

Dream the dream, and keep the faith 

I am at peace with where I have been, I am content with where I am, and I am hopeful of where I have yet to go..well..most days..and when at times that isn’t the case, I take a breath, and remind myself, to dream the dream and keep the faith. The loud, the quiet, the chaos and the order, desperate for tomorrow yet afraid to let go of today, confident and uncertain, all the same, I dream the dream and keep the faith. We find ourselves often when we lose our way, as long as we dream the dream, and keep the faith! 

It's not the destination but the journey! 

Every day has potential! The mundane and the extraordinary, the step by step, moment by moment all combine and collide to tell the story of our lives. There is a beauty and a lesson to learn on even the darkest, hardest day, and where we ultimately end up, isn't half as important as the process, the journey we take to arrive at our final destination.   

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