From the recording A New Day

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EP Album -New Day Dawns
Released March 2017
Recorded @ Newcomb Studios


Words are hard to find
I think of you and the years rewind
To a place a simpler time
Little child, your hand holding mine
I was young, how was I to know
Just how fast, these little ones grow
I was learning to let go
And that love will always lead you home

So I think I'll keep it simple
Tell you that I love you
I'm grateful for the time that you were mine
Keep your heart open
No matter where you go
Remember love will always lead you home

And so the story goes
A blue eyed boy, a sweet little girl
Worlds apart, we held them close
Wondered where their feet would roam
Step by step, the years unfold
Pages turned the seasons flowed
Til one day they found that love
Had finally led their hearts to home


Stand on God's amazing grace
In the storm remember who you are
Fix your eyes on Jesus' face
Never let Him go
He will keep you