From the recording A New Day

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EP Album -New Day Dawns
Released March 2017
Recorded @ Newcomb Studios
Copyright safronwiesner


Hello, dear friend
The warm sun in shining what an excellent day
To be with you, celebrate you
On this wonderful, glorious day

Leave all your worries and cares at the door
Oh you can pick them up later
Now is the time, leave trouble behind
And just be together

You're a warm smile, a safe place
Oh a calm in the storm, a place we call home
We love you, oh you know that it's true
Everything's better with you

Flowers in season that reach for the sun
Oh point our eyes to the Father
You are the reason for the beauty we know
That makes our garden grow

The laughter, the children
Remind that us time is marching along
You taught us to have faith
In the One who is leading us on

No matter how hard the winds of life blow
Oh we are never alone
If it happens to rain, we'll be glad just the same
And wait for the rainbow

We see in part but one day we'll know
What the seasons of tears, what they were all for
We can't deny the lives you've inspired oh
By the grace and faith you've shown

Hello, we love you
What a wonderful, glorious
Marvelous, excellent
Heavenly, beautiful day!