From the recording A New Day

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EP Album -A New Day
Released March 2017
Recorded @ Newcomb Studios
Inspired by the poem 'The Butterfly' by Karen Dack. In support of Belleville Community Living.


Sunshine, happy dreams,
flowers growing in the spring
Children as they run and play
sounds of laughter, rainy days
Love and friendship taking flight
rainbow promise fills the sky
And makes me think of you

The wind it blows, where it goes
Nobody really knows, it runs wild and free
A butterfly taking flight,
all the colours beautiful
Makes me think of you

A little sun, a little rain,
alot of love, a little pain
A little happy, little sad,
alot of good, a little bad
I wouldn't change a single thing,
everybody knows
It takes the sun, it takes the rain
to make a garden grow


Explorers climb the highest peaks
sail the deepest darkest seas
Adventure their philosophy it seems
Me I yearn for simpler things
I'm not that brave I guess
I'm happiest just being with my friends


Sometimes I look up in the night
Watch the stars shining bright
Remember all the memories we shared
There's more in life to make me smile then
Could ever make me blue
Like when I'm thinking of you